The Tevebaugh Client Experience

Step 1: What is your money style?

How do you think about money? How do conversations about money make you feel? Answering these questions provides tremendous insight into the best approach to managing your resources and planning for the future. Prior to our first meeting, we share our Money Mind Tool so that you and your spouse can gain insight into your individual money styles.


Step 2: What matters to you?

Once you’ve gained insight into your individual money styles, it is time to have a conversation about what matters to you. In our first meeting, we use our Honest Conversations tool to guide a productive conversation about the things that you value.


Step 3: Where are you today?

In our second meeting, we use our Financial Control Scorecard to assess your current financial situation and develop a plan for achieving your goals.


Step 4: How do I get where I need to go?

Based on your values and what is important to you, we provide recommendations and create a plan that will help you achieve your goals.


Step 5: Am I on course?

Use our online tool to track your progress and keep goals in sight.

Get Started

The Results

The Tevebaugh onboarding process gives you clarityconfidence, and contentment to achieve your financial goals through good stewardship.

A Lifetime Partnership

A productive financial planning partnership starts on the right foot, and it adjusts as your life circumstances change. The principles that guide our decisions never change, but as we move through life’s stages, our circumstances and challenges do. We work with you to communicate, collaborate, calibrate, and celebrate through all of the seasons of life.


What’s Most Important


A Path to Your Desired Outcomes


Adapt As Life Changes


A Life Well Lived