About Tevebaugh & Associates

Who We Are

Tevebaugh & Associates is a full-service financial planning firm. Incorporated in the state of Florida in 2004, our principal, Mark L Tevebaugh has over 34 years as a licensed financial planner in North Carolina, Florida, California, and Idaho.

We work with individuals who are concerned with maintaining portfolios that align with their values from an ethical and moral perspective. We structure our financial planning primarily on a fee-based schedule, based on the client’s assets under management. Other options are available as well.

We help our client’s identify and avoid companies that do not align with their values. This can include issues such as: abortion, pornography, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, anti-family entertainment, predatory lending, and alternative lifestyles.

What We Offer

Managed Accounts: Minimum account size: $100,000.00
Using various risk-adjusted models from “Preservation” to “Equity” all from the perspective of aligning investments with your values.

  • 401k; 403b; SEP; Traditional; Roth and Simple IRA
  • Insurance: Life; Disability; Long Term Care
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning

Our Mission

“To educate, instruct and equip followers of Christ in Biblical Stewardship principles.”

Corporate Commitment

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.” I Cor. 4:2